Why should I practice Kundalini Yoga
with Seva Ram Kaur?

Kundalini Yoga will change your life! This uplifting practice consists of physical exercise to strenghten the body, including the nervous, digestive, endocrine, and immune sysytems. The breath control brings cardiovavscular     benefits, and makes  you aware of your entire self. Mediatation brings about powerful emotional, psychological, and spiritual wellness. Try it for yourself!
Seva Ram Kaur is a knowledgable, compassionate and passionate instructor, who strives to uplift those around her. She can be tough, but incredibly fun as well!
Conveniently located, cozy, and bright home yoga ​ studio in south-west Kitchener/Waterloo.
Choice of ​​​​​​Classic, Gentle, or All Level Kundalini Yoga  classes with attention to your own level of ability. 

​"Immediately upon meeting Seva Ram Kaur at a wellness fair, I was drawn to her energy. At first, I was surprised at how different Kundalini Yoga was from other yoga's I'd practiced, but after the first session, I was hooked! The calm, peaceful feeling translated into my everyday life, lessening my anxiety and lifting my mood; while increasing flexibility and strength. I look forward to each class - highly unusual for me and any form of exercise! Love, love, love Kundalini Yoga with Seva Ram Kaur."
Annie S. from Kitchener, 63 y.o. 

"Seva Ram is a kind and compassionate instructor. Her background in kinesiology complements her kundalini yoga practice.
I look forward to class with Seva Ram and consider kundalini yoga an integral part of my healing journey."
Beverley W.  accountant/Reiki Master

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