Seva-Ram Pathfinding
Personal Growth & Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini Yoga​​​​ will change your life!

This uplifting practice consists of physical exercise to strenghten the body, including the nervous, digestive, endocrine, and immune sysytems. The breath control brings cardiovavscular benefits, and makes  you aware of your entire self. Mediatation (silent or chanting) brings about powerful emotional, psychological, and spiritual wellness. This fast-acting practice accellerates your physical and emotional healing, and alligns you with your life's purpose. Try it for yourself!

Seva-Ram Kaur​​ (Jagoda Spronk) is a KRI-certified, compassionate and dedicated teacher and life coach practitioner (CCF), who strives to uplift those around her.

Prior to finding Kundalini Yoga, Seva-Ram worked in a gym and physiotherapy setting as a personal trainer and kinesiologist, specializing in working with clients with special considerations, such as injuries or chronic conditions, pre and postnatal fitness, and older populations. In her free time, she enjoyed completing triathlons, long-distance cycling, and chicken wings with beer.

After birth of her son, she found herself in 5-year long depression, with intense bouts of anxiety. After her first class of Kundalini Yoga, she experienced immediate improvements in her symptoms and began her recovery. Soon after, she started KY Teachers' Training (220hr) because she knew it would be an essential coping tool in her life. 
Seva Ram has a deep understanding of how human bodies work, get hurt, and heal, through her formal education (BA in Kinesiology and Health Science), work, and personal experiences. The difficult periods in her life taught her humility, compassion, and empathy. That, combined with profound love of mantra and Kundalini Yoga practice, make her a teacher who is lovingly supportive and demanding at the same time. 

When not dealing with yoga-related activities, she enjoys sewing, crocheting, gardening, and spending time with her human and canine family. Currently, she has embarked on a 5-year journey to complete her Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Teachers' Training (500hr), as well as 95-hour Kids' Yoga certification. She is also studying Gong Therapy. 
Other than teaching yoga to adults, Seva Ram also brings these beautiful teachings to children. Currently, she is  working with kids from many walks of life in area's primary schools, as well as offers workshops for children.