Seva Ram Kaur Kundalini Yoga

Personal Growth Pathfinder, Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Class Schedule and  Descriptions

All classes are as taught by Yogi Bhajan. During any class you will practice Pranayam (breathing exercises),  will do a kriya (exercise set), deep relaxation (with a gong, if appropriate), and (often chanting) meditation. The classes are 90 minutes in duration, unless specified otherwise. At any time you are encouraged to work at your own level. 

Classic Kundalini Yoga:

Tuesday @ 6:30 PM

Classic Kundalini Yoga​​ consists of more vigorous sets, which can vary greatly depending on the teacher's plan. Individual exercises might be of longer duration, and space between each exercise reduced (less recovery time). As always, you are invited to follow your inner guidance, but will be encouraged to push your limits, if it is right for you at the time.
Gentle Kundalini Yoga is suitable for beginners, millenials and boomers alike. You will experience all the benefits of Kundalini Yoga at a slower and gentler pace. Special attention will be paid to needed modifications due to injuries, limited range of motion, and unique conditions.  Yes, you can TOTALLY do it!

Gentle Kundalini Yoga:

Tuesday @ noon

All Level is for you, and you, and you! Challenge yourself or take it easy, whatever is right for you today. As always, tons of modifications offered for those who need them, and plenty of motivation and encouragement offered for those who want the challenge. 

All Level KY

Sunday @10AM 

Kundalini Fundamentals - Thursdays at 6:30PM - 8PM, starts Sept. 20th.

Learn basics of a safe and effective Kundalini Yoga practice. Find out how your breath affects your consciousness, and learn valuable pranayam (breath control) techniques, most important postures and actions (asanas and kriyas), most commonly used mantras and chants, and learn wonderful, fast-acting meditations. 
During this five-class series we'll cover some history, learn about our chakras and our 10 bodies. 

You will also experience at least three gong sound baths, and will learn about profound benefits of this incredible instrument, and why it's an integral part of the yogic practice. 
The cost of the entire series is $100, please e-transfer $50 (or the full amount) to hold your space to [email protected]

Class Prices, Packages, and Special Promotions:​​

  • Single drop-in class - $25

  • Package of 5 classes: - $100 
  • Package of 10 classes - $180

  • Your first class - $10

  • Please contact me for private and semi-private rates

Class cards can be purchased by ​
e-transfer to [email protected], or by cash or cheque in person.

​We firmly believe that yoga classes and associated benefits should be attainable regardless of financial situation. Please contact Seva Ram via e-mail if you'd like to make different payment arrangements. 

Kids' Yoga in select area schools. 

Slowly but surely, yoga becomes recognized as one of the methods that can give kids important tools for successful self-regulation. The classes are play-based, including breath control, kriyas and asanas, mindfulness practices, chanting and singing, story-time,  crafts, and relaxation.  The children will learn in age-appropriate manner about self-awareness, in order to have easier time focusing and dealing with their emotions.
Please contact us if you'd like to bring the classes to your school.