Seva-Ram Pathfinding
Personal Growth & Kundalini Yoga
Spring Equinox and Full Moon Gathering
Wednesday, March 20th , 7:15 PM at
Verv Wellness 15 Shirk Place #1, Kitchener

Spring Equinox is the time when the veil separating spiritual and physical realm is the thinnest. It is the most auspicious time to make changes in your life. Align yourself with your Higher Self with more ease, letting go of that which doesn’t serve, and manifest new and exciting opportunities. As the Nature awakens, so do you: the light wins over the darkness, exposing deepest truths, and the seeds of manifestation germinate.

Similarly, Full Moons are also a time to let go and create space for new energy to enter our lives. The intention of the Full Moon circle is to release what no longer serves us and create space for new blessings to transpire, so we invite you to our celebration of nature, renewal and rebirth. As we reflect on her cycles on a larger scale, we can hone in deeper on how this is reflected within ourselves.

Spring is a time of change and renewal and as these two events coincide we are called to release and start fresh and sow the seeds we know we will reap later in the year.


* Discussion about the Full Moon and Equinox
* Intention Setting
* Gong Sound Healing and Shamanic Energy Clearing with drumming and rattling
* Celestial Communication Meditation
* Debriefing


* Journal
* Water
* Pillow and Blanket (if you wish).
* Anything you would like charged with the energies of the gathering at     the altar

Seva-Ram Spronk is a dedicated Kundalini Yoga teacher and practitioner. This deeply transformative practice helped her overcome a long history of mood disorders. As she kept deepening her studies and her practice, she was guided to become a Personal Growth Pathfinder. Working mostly with women, she helps them overcome what she once struggled with: depression and anxiety, blocks and limitations, and aftermath of adverse experiences. She is an enthusiastic practitioner of Sacred Sound, especially as a gong player and mantra meditator. She is proud to be serving local ladies as a Kitchener branch director of Happy Healthy Women.

Maya Atsiz is a Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner and Soul Painter. She is a free spirit, who loves traveling, experiencing life fully and continually growing and learning. Her goal as an energy practitioner is to guide others through the dissolution of blockages hindering their journey and assist them in removing lower vibrational habits and detrimental, patterned thinking. She feels that empowering others and creating sacred space for their healing is vital and hopes to offer healing that occurs on personal, societal and ancestral levels. She believes firmly in syncing up to the cycles of nature and hopes to inspire others to tune into it as well.

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Free Monthly Gong Sounbath 
Last Friday of every month, 6:30PM
Let go of the baggage from your busy week (and month), and allow yourself to  be completely immersed  in deep relaxation. The sound of gong facilitates relaxation and healing, interrupts persistent thoughts and behaviour patterns, clears energy blockages, and sends you into a different realm!   

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