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For the children...
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Children today have to cope with much more than their parents did at their age. Unprecedented growth of technology is subjecting kids to challenges quite unique to the new generation. Whilst many adults are struggling with their own addiction to social media and electronic gadgets, the children can easily get lost in the enticing world of electronics, games, and easily available, unfiltered information. This hinders the child's natural ability to play and explore in real world, as well as the ability to self-regulate and relax. 

With these programs, I am hoping to bring some of that back into the children's world. During the kids' classes not only do we do yoga, relax, and meditate, but we also sing, play and explore to percieve the world with a variety of the senses not used often in today's world. My experience teaching yoga to children at local schools has sensitized me to the unique needs of the kids. Your children will benefit from these fun activities, to have increased awareness of themselves, their feelings and reactions. They will also find an enhanced ability to relax,  sleep well,  be more empathethic and respectful towards themselves and others.