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Personal Growth & Kundalini Yoga

Personal Growth Coaching That WORKS!

Remember when you were a kid, dreaming of becoming a superstar, an astronaut, or an animal rescuer, leading a life full of adventure, admiration, and meaning?

And then, “life” got in the way of fulfilling your dreams, self-doubt and fear of uncertainty underlying most of your choices and decisions, and you started settling for whatever… 

What stopped you from becoming your Best Future Self then, and what is stopping you now?

Path To YOU-40 (PTY40) and Path To YOU-90 (PTY90)
are two highly-individualized, transformative, 1-on-1 personal develpment programs. If you can identify with some or all of the following: 

  •  History of depression and anxiety 
  •  Self-sabotage and limiting patterns
  •  Low self-esteem and self-doubt
  • Issues with controling substances and behaviours (compulsive collecting, shopping, food, alcohol, etc.)
  • Weak personal boundaries, inability to say no
  • General feeling of being stuck or lost...

​then this program is for you!

It is NEVER too late to reclaim your power and your life!

I was just like you... 

​I  struggled  with  bouts of depression and eating disorders for almost three decades, burdened by history of abuse and PTSD.  After the birth of my son, deep depression and anxiety stole 5 years of my life.

Finally, I was introduced to kundalini yoga, and the practice brought fast-acting, lasting, and PROFOUND transformational effects. I  became a Kundalini Yoga teacher, and took more advanced courses, including life coaching certification, so I could help others. I finally understood it was my soul's calling to help others...

Path to YOU - 40 days (PTY - 40)

YOU have the key to your happiness, and the power to materialize all your desires. However, due to your outdated thought processes, past unresolved traumatic experiences, habits, expectations, and conditioning, it's difficult to hear the true voice of your SELF. This program will help you see yourself as you are, and recognize what stops you from making significant and lasting changes in your life.  

What is PTY - 40?

It's a highly individualized 1 on 1 program ( via Skype or Zoom), completed over 40 days. We dive into what's stopping you from moving forward with your life. Together, we retrain your subconscious habits that are sabotaging you, creating a powerful and unique action plan and accountabilty to blast you past your blocks. If you wish, you will be taught yogic techniques and practices chosen specifically for your situation, and time available for practice, self-exploration and empowerment work. If appropriate, modalities such as distance energy work or crystal therapy might be used.  

The Structure of PTY - 40 (approx. 6 weeks)

Phase 1: Investigate and Define (week 1)    
1st call (60-90 minutes), we look at the patterns playing out in your life, and identify your greatest area of need. 
2nd call (approx. 1hr) We start preparing your mind to become your friend, not your enemy. We also define a physical and/or meditation practice (if you chose) designed around your goals, time availability and current behaviours. Detailed plan of action is outlined.

Phase 2: Awareness, Responsibility and Choice (weeks 2-5)
Action plan is utilized, with appropriate support and accountability. We go deeper to get more clarity and make more impact in your recovery.

Weekly 30 minute calls with check-in's in between, if needed. 

Phase 3: Life is a Celebration (week 6)
Take inventory of your journey and continue your new patterns for life!
At that point, I guide you how to apply this work to remaining undesirable patterns to transform other areas of your life. 
And of course, we celebrate your victory over the past and the true transformation you have created in your life! ​

Have more questions? Book your free, 30-minute discovery call to find out if this program is right for you!​​ 
If your availability does not show up on my schedule, please e-mail me and I'll do my best to accommodate you!

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Ready to find out more? Book your 30 minute FREE consultation now!


Ready to find out more? Book your 30 minute FREE consultation now!
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Path to YOU - 90 days (PTY90)

Similar in structure, but longer in duration, this program allows us to go super deep for drastic transformation of persisting habits and obstacles. This program allows you the time for starting to discover your true calling, alligning yourself with your soul's purpose, and finding your flow. Emerge from these 13 weeks victorious, with new awareness of what makes you YOU.   

​The structure:
Phase 1: Investigate and Define (week1)
Same as in PTY40
Phase 2: Awareness, Responsibility, and Choice (weeks 2-12)
S ame as in PTY40, but longer, allowing you to make more profound changes. Our calls are 30 min once a week, or 1hr bi-weekly. During this time there is a possibility to work on more than one issue at a time.
Phase 3:  Life Is a Celebration (week 13)
Get crystal clear on how to apply your new skills in other areas of your life, and celebrate the YOU you've always longed to be!


Ready to find out more? Book your 30 minute FREE consultation now!