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Personal Growth Pathfinding​

Remember when you were a kid, full of dreams of growing up to be a superstar, an astronaut, or an animal rescuer, leading a life full of adventure, admiration, and meaning?

And then, “life” got in the way of fulfilling your dreams, self-doubt and fear of uncertainty underlying most of your choices and decisions… 

What stopped you from becoming your Best Future Self then, and what is stopping you now? If you are like most humans, you probably can identify with few of the following:

  •  Periods of mood disorders, depression, and anxiety 
  •  Self-sabotage
  •  Low self-esteem and self-doubt
  • Addiction to (or inability to control) substances and behaviours (compulsive collecting, shopping, food, alcohol, etc.)
  • Weak personal boundaries, inability to say no
  • General feeling of being stuck, and no matter what you do, you always return to the same spot. You feel like you don’t have any control      over circumstances
  • Mysterious, chronic or recurrent minor (but bothersome) health problems, skin disorders, or joint pain

Sounds familiar?

I also struggled for a long, long time. I remember going through prolonged bouts of depression and eating disorders from my childhood into my thirties.

I felt bound and burdened by history of abuse and resulting PTSD, unable to hold same job for longer than two years, burning out completely and often. Years of therapy brought hardly any healing.

 I relied on alcohol and food to self-soothe, hating myself for my weaknesses and for who I was.

After the birth of my son, I succumbed to my deepest, darkest depression, which lasted for 5 years, until I was introduced to kundalini yoga and the breathing, meditation, and physical practices that bring fast-acting, lasting, and PROFOUND transformational effects. These teachings affected me to my core, and initiated rapid metamorphosis of my physical and emotional well-being, which changed my entire life and gave me a new empowered sense of who I was.  

After the first few months of practicing, I realized that I had healed more than I did during those countless years of therapy. I felt encouraged to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher, and took more advanced courses.

Through deeper understanding of how to apply powerful yogic practices (breath and physical exercises, mantras, meditation), and concepts to healing of the self and finding my True Identity (Sat Nam) that I began to experience even more happiness and fulfillment. Even though I still see myself as a “work-in-progress”, I feel I need to share these amazing tools with others. 

Path to YOU - 40 days (PTY - 40)

Believe it or not, but only YOU have the key to your happiness, the answer to your prayers and your questions, and the power to make it all come true. However, due to our thought processes, history of unresolved traumas and dramas (which often trigger our bodies and emotions), habits, expectations, and conditioning, we cannot hear the true voice of your SELF. This program will help you see yourself as you are, and recognize what stops you from making significant and lasting changes in your life.  

What is PTY - 40?

It's a 1 on 1 program done virtually via Skype or Zoom, over the time of approximately 40 days. You will receive and will be taught yogic techniques and practices chosen specifically for your unique situation, and time available to devote to practice and self-exploration and empowerment work. For your best results, you are encouraged to be open about your feelings and observations, and sharing them with me. Journaling is also highly encouraged, but not required. In additions to yogic techniques, we will explore relevant concepts and mind theory, and relate them to your situation, so you can free yourself from your current limitations. If appropriate, modalities such as distance energy work or crystal therapy might be used.  

The Structure of PTY - 40 (approx. 6 weeks)

Phase one: Investigate and Define (week 1)    
During our first 1 hr call (Skype or Zoom), we look at the patterns playing out in your life (internally and externally), and help you identify your greatest area of need. 
Following that in few days (your official day 1) 30 minute to 1hr call where we define a daily practice designed especially for you around your goals, time availability and current behaviours.
There are short daily check-ins for the next few days and another 30 minute phone call on day 4, to see how the practice is working in your life and offer whatever support is needed.

Phase two: Awareness, Responsibility and Choice (weeks 2-5)
In this phase you are encouraged to observe your thoughts and behaviours. We examine your thought patterns, your history, and the stories that live in your
In this phase we deepen the practice and get more clarity on breaking negative patterns and building positive ones.
During phase 2 and 3 we switch to weekly 30 minute phone calls with check-in's in between as needed. 

Phase 3: Setting Up for Life and Celebration (week 6)
Here we deepen the practice to another level and look at ways for you to continue your new patterns for life.
As well, we look at how to apply this work to other patterns to transform other areas of your life. 
And of course we celebrate! At this point you'll be looking back to how life was before this work and how it is now! 
You'll get to acknowledge the victory over the past and the true transformation you have created in your life! ​

Have more questions? Book your free, 30-minute discovery call to find out if this program is right for you!​​ 
If your availability does not show up on my schedule, please e-mail me and I'll do my best to accommodate you!

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