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Kundalini Yoga classes

$25 - $10

Invigorate, rejuvinate,  grow into your higher Self with Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan by Kundalini Research Institute certified and experienced Aquarian Teacher.  All level practice including breathwork, kryiya (physical action), relaxation, and meditation. Offered in-person and on-line. More...



Personal Growth Pathfinding with Seva-Ram's signature programs that bring results! Path To YOU 40 and Path To YOU 90 are two ways in which you can eliminate the patterns that have been stopping you from having your best life! Offered on-line.

Private Kundalini Yoga

$50 - $40

Kundalini Yoga customized just for your needs . Keeping whithin parameters of safe, effective practice, we fine-tune the elements  to your specific requrements. Offered in-person and on-line.

Virtual Bookclub!

$20 - $40

Offered on-line, so you can join us from anywhere in the world! Fun way to work through exciting,  profound self-improvement books in companionship of others. Self-exploration questions and exercises offered to encourage insights and personal growth. More...

Gong Soundbath


My way of giving back to the community! The sound of gong cuts through persistent thought patterns and energy blockages, it is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. This is your time to unload the stresses of the week and the month, and get yourself re-alligned for what's coming up. 
Offered in- person. More...



Offered monthly, with varying topics. Stay in the loop by joining our mailing list!

Facebook Group


Reclaim Your Joy: Everyday Awareness for Busy Women is a Facebook community for women wishing to use meditation, breathing techniques and awareness to manage their mood. Anxiety, depression, mood swings ARE managable with easy, time-effective techniques, and I'm sharing what works for me. Click here  to join!